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How important are online reviews to your company?

Trick question, we know, but it begs the question. What are you doing to get consistent 5-star reviews? Who manages that for you? If you don't know or you have questions, we may be able to help.


Top 3 Reasons Why People Don't Leave A Review

Below are some common problems we see when we talk with local business owners. Here's the thing though, its an easy fix (and alot easier then you think!). Why wouldn't you want to address that? You may be losing money and customers without even knowing!


Reason #1

I didn't have time!

Easy fix. Here is what we can do to address that:

  • Prompt them to review from your email signature
  • Leave a review easily from their phone
  • Send email reminders so they can do it at a time that works for them

Reason #2

I forgot!

Simple. We follow-up with your customers via email and text until they leave a short review!


Reason #3

I don't know how!

We provide simple instructions and an all-in-one place for your clients to leave a review.

  • We can also capture bad reviews before they happen
  • Showcase your current reviews
  • Monitor reviews in real-time
  • Publish new reviews to your Facebook Page
  • and more!

Online reviews are the new word-of-mouth referral.

If you're not doing them right, is your business even relevant in 2022? This isn't the Yellow Pages era anymore, your digital reputation is critically important to your success and growth in the years to come. If you don't address it now, when will you?