Why Buying Generic Content Is Just Plain Stupid

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It’s time we come out and say it,

Buying generic social content is just plain stupid.

Sure, you’ll save time. Oh joy, you’ll have something to post on your social media profiles.

But is it worth it? No. But you paid good money for the content? The answer is still no.

Heck, if you really put you mind to it you could have come up with something more valuable to post in a couple minutes.

Time to introduce you to ‘Skeptical Dog’:

Here’s the problem with generic content. Generic results.

Is it any good? Not really. Is it bad? Not really. Just mediocre.

Why would you do that to your brand? Is your company just mediocre? Generic? That’s what I thought.

Your company, and subsequently your brand, is so much more. You can’t cut corners to save money and time without it costing something in return.

The partners you work with should be on the same page. Don’t pick just anyone.

Pick the partners who want to see you shine, who can bring out the best and understand your audience.

You and your company will be in a much better position to succeed with that in mind.



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